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Services Car Freight Others Companies
Office in Puerto Rico YES NO
Office in Jacksonville Port (NEW!) YES NO
Car Wash for USDA YES NO
Agencies Services (gestorias) YES NO
Affidavit YES NO
Maritime Insurance YES YES
Port Delivery YES NO
Vehicle title update YES NO
Inland transport in PR YES NO

Providing cost-effective and reliable overseas transportation

We will pick up your car on Auction, AAA, Houses or Auto Yards and we will deliver it on the port, ready to be shipped to you destination. Inland and Overseas services provided with a 100% safety and reliability.

Connected all over the world

Building awesome connection with customers offering them door-to-door delivery, transporting your car fast and safe to every destination. Within the United States and towards the whole world.

Always looking towards the future and working for you

Car Freight Shipping, LLC. is always looking towards the future, looking for the best way to improve ours services and providing the right solutions for you. We are always looking for the latest technology in order to make your shipping easier.

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15 Dec

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More and more people are deciding to get behind the wheel of a green car every year due to their low running costs and positive environmental impact.

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