Shipping a Car

We don't relocate household or carry passengers, only motorized vehicles transported by an open or enclosed carrier (your vehicle will not be driven). We transport cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks within USA and ship cars (up to 800 cubic feet) to Puerto Rico and from Puerto Rico to USA.

Packing things in your car

The rule of thumb is to keep it under 100 lbs. because drivers have to pay if they load more the permit. This is important because excessive weight could cause damage to your car and the driver could end up with a fine.

Full Cover Insurance

You can be calm when you ship your car with us because your car is fully insured for the replacement value of the vehicle just as your insurance does.

What if my car is damaged?

Car Freight Shipping take very seriously the transport of your car. Please, check this point if you receive you car with some damage at the moment to be delivery.

We deliver in the door of your house

Always we try to do our best delivering the cars, but sometimes for some reason we can not do it and it is necessary to meet our drivers at a prearranged location such as a parking lot.

Dropping your car off at a terminal (Is it cheaper?)

Is it cheaper? Unless you are willing to allow you car to sit at a terminal until an entire truck load can be routed to your destination terminal - it is NOT cheaper. A terminal drop off fee, (usually 25.00 minimum) and possible storage fees may apply.