Packing things in your car

Attention! Only transport within the United States permitted the shipment of items in the car, however, Car Freight Shipping do not offer the services of shipping things with your car but you can make an arrangment with the driver at the moment to pickup your car.

The rule of thumb is to keep it under 100 lbs. because drivers have to pay if they load more the permit. This is important because excessive weight could cause damage to your car and the driver could end up with a fine.

Also, remember - if the truck gets held up due to bad weather or any other condition and you have important items for work or such - it would be a good idea to not leave them in the car.

Important!, not allowed to leave items if your car is shipped to Puerto Rico or if it comes from Puerto Rico to the United States.

We Do Not ship to Mexico

We do not relocate household or carry passengers, only motorized vehicles transported by an open or enclosed carrier (your vehicle will not be driven)

We transport cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks within USA and ship cars (up to 900 cubic feet) to Puerto Rico and from Puerto Rico to USA. We will also fill out all the paperwork required by the Port authorities without additional fees or charges.

Our estimates are custom made depending on type of vehicle, route, time of the year, or if vehicles are running or not, pick up/drop off location, etc..

That is why we have agents to give the quotes over the phone and through our web page. The estimates are not given by a computer program that sometimes is inaccurate.