We Ship your Car Full Cover Insured

  • Car Freight Shipping Insured Car

You can be calm when you ship your car with us because your car is fully insured for the replacement value of the vehicle just as your insurance does.

All ours carriers are required to maintain general liability, auto liability, physical damage and cargo insurance coverage at the moment to pickup your vehicle.

As part of our service, we keep the certificate of liability insurance on file to insure the protection of your vehicle and in case we need it in the future.

All carriers have deductibles but as part of the All-Pro Advantage - there is no deductible to you.

Our 100% full cover insurance for your vehicle is door to door for inland shipping and from Port to door or Door to Port for overseas shipments. For overseas insurance please contact one of our representative at 888-363-2810.

Keep in main that the quote for the shipping transportation already have this insurance incluid unlike other companies that give a cheaper price and then charge this extra service.

Your vehicle will never be driven for more than a few miles, the carrier driver only will drive your car in order to load and unload from the truck.

If you have more question regarding this complementary services please contact us calling at 888-363-2810